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Hemu Massage Brush Handleless South Fin Body Massage Care Brush Body Brush

Hemu Massage Brush Handleless South Fin Body Massage Care Brush Body Brush

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Product name: Hemu massage body brush

Product Category: Body Brush

Place of Origin: China

Commodity unit: pcs

Product weight: about 96G

Color: primary color.

Product size: 13*8cm. Thickness: 4.5cm.

Note: dry brushing, wet brushing can be. Wet brushes must be hung to dry.

Efficacy features: One: Brush handle: Hemu, bamboo features: hardness, toughness, elasticity are in a good state, moisture-proof, insect-proof.

                            Two: Function: 1: Fat tissue massager. Massage the body with the massage brush, massage the body like a masseuse and relieve muscle tension.

                                   2: SPA design. Ergonomic handle design for easy grip. The handle is detachable, allowing you to massage all over your body with ease.

Precautions: Due to the material, the preservation and cleaning of the body brush is very important. Please read carefully! STORAGE: Hang the body brush in a dry place after cleaning. Cleaning: It can be cleaned regularly with vinegar and baking soda. (Both are natural cleaners and won't damage bristles)

1: Fill the bathroom sink with hot water.

2: Pour in 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup white vinegar.

3: Submerge the body brush in water for about 20 minutes, then agitate the brush to remove dirt. 4: Wash the body brush with water, check, if the stains are stubborn, repeat the actions 2 and 3.

5: (Hydrogen peroxide or bleach mixed with water can also be used for brush cleaning.)

6: Regular cleaning to prevent mold or mildew from forming on bamboo brushes. Keep your bath brush hygienic and help it last a long time.











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